Creating Your Own Press Release Template

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Should I create a press release template?

Creating Your Own Press Release Template

Many companies create a press release template so that all of its releases follow a similar format. The template will usually include those elements of the release that are standard in every release, such as the contact information, the dateline, and the "boilerplate" company information. A template will ensure that your releases are consistent and that all the required information is included. Just be sure to proofread carefully any release that uses a template to make sure that it flows smoothly and that all the information included is correct for the given event. You should be particularly careful about the dateline and media contact information.



4/11/2008 8:53:21 PM
Bruce Jones said:

I find that using a template for press releases may get it tagged as duplicate content for the search engines if you do not freshen at least 80% of the content with new material. It is good for the boiler plate on the bottom but make sure you come up with at least a new title and summary.

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