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Where do I send a press release?

Press Releases and the Competition

Avoid sending your press release to your competition. You don't want to taunt the other side, and you may end up prompting your competition to take action. They'll hear about your newsmaking event anyway if you've done a good job getting the word out.

Who should I send my press release to?

Submitting Your Release

Once you've written your press release, you need to submit it to online and print publications as well as radio and television outlets if you think it is appropriate. There are a few ways to do this. You can send your release over a newswire. The service will electronically distribute your release to thousands of journalists worldwide. You can specify certain target markets, such as technology or international. The fee to distribute your release over a wire service varies, but is usually several hundred dollars. You can also send your release directly to journalists. To do this, you'll need to identify the publications that cover companies such as yours and direct your release to the appropriate editor. It pays to do your homework here. Sending a release to the wrong editor can be worse that not sending one at all, because it can brand you as a time-waster. Editors and journalists are very busy, and they appreciate receiving releases that are relevant to their "beat" but resent receiving those that aren't.

Where do I send a press release?

Networking with Press Releases

Don't just send your press releases to media outlets. You can send them to colleagues, partners, and clients as well. You'll show them that you're taking a role in proactively promoting your brand.

Where do I send a press release?

Send Your Press Release to the Right Person

Do your homework so you'll be sure to send your press release to the right person at each media outlet. Most outlets list reporters, editors, and their "beats" on the publication's Web site. If a release goes to the wrong person, it will be ignored. Your e-mail address may even be blocked, preventing future e-mails from reaching the anyone at the organization.

Where do I send a press release?

Avoid Spamming Your Contact List

Avoid the temptation to send your press release to every single e-mail address on your contact list. Spam is unprofessional and makes you look desperate. You can also get blocked from sending future messages into some media outlets.

To whom would I submit the following press release? Subject: CAT ACCESSORIESFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Mary Kaye Denning: (401) 588-5144; CAT AROUND™ CORNER SAVER™ IS THE PURR-FECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR THE CAT LOVER IN YOUR LIFEPROVIDENCE, RI -- (November 2, 2005) It`s

Press Release: Where to submit press releases

If you are working on a press release to promote a specific product, these are often called advertorials. Submitting them to newspapers and magazines will most likely get no response unless you hit them at a time they are in need of that particular subject matter. If you are writing about a product for cats, you can submit this to publications that are specifically for cats.
Another place to try submission of this press release would be to those companies that specialize in advertorials. There are several large companies who offer this service and they could be found by doing a search for "advertorials."
Another GREAT place to send your press release about a cat product, one that you have designed and created, would be to the newspaper that services your area. If you have a weekly community paper available there, they would love to brag about you in their paper and, in the process, help you promote your product.

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