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What is media relations?

Media Relations Definition

While many people use the terms "public relations" and "media relations" interchangeably, the definition of media relations is somewhat more narrow. Media relations refers to the relationship that a company develops with journalists, while public relations extends that relationship beyond the media to the general public. Media relations are important, but it's also critical to keep in mind the end result, which is the message that's disseminated to the public.

How do I develop and maintain good media relations?

About Media Relations

Get to know the editors and analysts who cover your industry. Since many editors do not like to get phone calls, introduce yourself by letter or e-mail. Respect the editor's time. He or she is often deluged with press releases and is usually under deadline pressure as well. Being sympathetic to an editor's schedule will make him or her more apt to want to listen to what you have to say.

What is media relations?

About Media Relations

The terms "media relations" and "public relations" are often used interchageably. Technically, media relations refers to personal relationships with the journalists, editors and analyts who cover the company and industry.

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