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Do I need a corporate communications specialist or department?

Expanding The PR Function

Small companies often start out with a public relations person or department and expand to a larger corporate communications function as the company grows. A press release can be used to inform employees, customers, investors and the general public, effectively fulfilling the corporate communications role. If you public relations efforts are sporadic or ineffective (i.e., not getting picked up by media in your target areas), or if your company has expanded, your company would likely benefit from a focused corporate communications effort overseen by one designated individual or department.


External Communications

As companies grow, the function of corporate communications can become fragmented as each department puts out its own external communications materials. Remember the importance of a unified voice in your external communications. Remember: any press release, memo or article that leaves the company represents all employees of that company.

What is corporate communications?

About Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is defined as any method by which your company communicates with anyone--either internally or externally. Public relations is part of corporate communications. Other components of corporate communications are investor relations, employee or internal communications, advertising, marketing communications, and government or labor relations.


Internal Communications

Companies are generally concerned with the image they present to the public, and rightly so. But more and more companies are becoming equallly concerned with the image they project to their employees. Internal communications (those memos and emails that are sent to employees only) often need to be just as carefully worded as communications to customers and the general public. These internal communications are part of the corporate communications function.

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