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Current Trends

Capitalize on a trend that favors your product or service by writing a press release or arranging a speaking engagement. Define the tread, quanify it if possible (e.g., 'Over 3.2 million MP3 players were sold last year') and indicate how it is relevant to your product.


Real Time News

Given the speed at which news is now disseminated, it's unlikely that you'll be able to provide 'breaking news' about your company. These kinds of stories are usually supplied by a wire service or a publication's internal reporters. You can, however, become a source for comment on current events and real time news by cultivating relationships with journalists. If the editor of a local newspaper knows that you're a reliable source for comment on business news in your area, he/she will likely call on you for quotes for relevant stories. Likewise, if you are available as a source for information on a specific topic, cultivate relationships with journalists that might need quotes on that topic. This will provide additional publicity for your company.


Business News

Keep up with the general business press as well as the trade publications for your industry. If you spot a trend that is relevant to your product or service, contact the reporter or editor who is writing on that trend. While they may not be willing to run another article to show your point of view right away, you'll be setting yourself up as knowledgeable about that trend. Writing a letter to the editor about a recent article on a current event can also get publicity for your firm.

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