What To Include in a Template

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What To Include in a Template

A press release template includes the elements found in every release. It will have contact information (the name, phone number and email address of someone in the company who can answer journalists' questions), the line, 'For Immediate Release', followed by space for a headline and a subhead. The first line begins with the dateline, which includes the date of release and location of the release (typically the city and state where the company's headquarters are located). The first paragraph includes the basic facts about the announcement, and should answer the questions who, what, when, where, why and how. The second paragraph typically includes a quote from the CEO or other high ranking executive in the company. The third, fourth and subsequent paragraphs provide more detail on the announcement. The end of the body of the release is signified by three pound signs (###) centered on the next line. After that line, a paragraph titled 'About ABC Company' provides basic information about the company, including when and where it was founded, what business the company is in, and any awards, recognition or success the company has had. At the end of this paragraph, the contact information, including the company's Web site, is included.



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